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Congratulations To Our IAMG Director Spotlight of the Quarter!

Our IAMG Director of the Quarter is Dr. Shahram Farahvash!

🩺 Tehran Azad University – Medical School
💉 Nassau University Medical Center – Anesthesia Residency
🥼 Medical College of Wisconsin – Fellowship in Pediatric Anesthesia

Dr. Farahvash became IAMG’s Medical Director at Valley Presbyterian Hospital in September of 2022.

Throughout his time at IAMG, his most cherished memories stem from the regularly held, well-organized meetings aimed at enhancing aspects of operating room management, staffing, and more.

Dr. Farahvash chose anesthesiology as a profession because of his keen interest in critical care and his desire to care for patients, especially children during their most susceptible moments. Since August 2013, he has been engaged in the practice of pediatric anesthesia, finding fulfillment in every facet of his role as both an anesthesiologist and the medical director of the department. Dr. Farahvash is also currently engaged in several concurrent projects, such as initiatives to reduce costs in the operating room (OR), creating an efficient and surgeon-friendly OR atmosphere, and offering ongoing education to his anesthesiology colleagues on recent developments in anesthesia topics.

Outside of work, Dr. Farahvash enjoys a range of activities including taking and editing photos, following financial updates with an emphasis on the stock market, singing, playing the piano, and movie watching. "The Big Bang Theory" is his favorite television show. His spouse is a pharmacist, and they are parents to twin daughters who are 9 years old and have both shown an interest in pursuing careers in the medical field.

Shahram Farahvash, M.D.

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